United Pursuit records their first album in the Banks House.
United Pursuit records their first album in the Banks House.

Will Reagan’s newest album shatters all expectations

January 26, 2017

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However you choose to spin it, you can’t deny United Pursuit has a pretty fantastic story to tell.

The story begins in 2006 when a group of friends bought the Banks House, a small, humble abode in Knoxville, TN. There they lived amid thrift store furniture and various musical instruments.

Sure, they hoped for something more, something beyond the yellow kitchen and mismatched household items of the Banks House, but the family of musicians lived for nothing more than to collectively worship.

The group of now nine singer-songwriters and musicians were contently strumming away in their living room in the sweet company of their friends, and when the thought struck, it seemed too good to be true.

The idea was to compile the memories and sounds of the last few years into one album, and the drive to make it happen was all too present.

The group gathered in the Banks House and, over a weekend in 2009, without a sound system or professional recording gear, cranked out an entire album, one that would penetrate the world and its hearts.

Fast forward 11 years and several albums later, and United Pursuit is a collective globally known.

In May 2012, Will Reagan posed the idea to the other members of United Pursuit of setting down roots in Knoxville. The result of this, after extensive crowdfunding, was the purchase of the Fifth Ave House, named after the street it inhabits. There, the collective live-streams their worship sessions and records their monthly EPs.

Thousands subscribe to their monthly EP and tune in the first Tuesday of every month to live-stream the family’s worship sessions, now held in their converted warehouse studio.

Vocal leader, Will Reagan, has been a worship music trailblazer since the formation of United Pursuit in 2006, authoring and performing worship staples such as “Set A Fire,” “Break Every Chain,” and “Head To The Heart,” songs known, loved and sung globally.

He has released multiple independent albums, and on Jan. 20, along with United Pursuit, Reagan released his album “Tell All My Friends.”

The album is peaceful, honest and truly beautiful, unlike any other worship album.

Reagan’s voice is effortless. Every word he sings holds so much meaning, and he doesn’t fail to convey it. The notes he sings flaunt his incredible range and command of music, except it doesn’t.

His voice isn’t boastful. Instead, it’s soft and true and tailored to sing each raw lyric.

The tracks, showcasing United Pursuit’s other members on vocals, guitar, piano and songwriting, are almost folk inspired. They are deep and soulful, but so light and calming.

The album is an unmatched tale of loss, confusion and a grace story like no other.

With each song, Reagan recounts the marvelous story that is his life and the ins and outs of his heart. It’s undeniable he holds his faith so dearly to himself, and it’s a privilege to see that love in action.

The album, no matter the personal lyrical meaning, is a work of musical mastery. It’s produced like none other, performed with elegance almost unimaginable and is vulnerable beyond expectation.

All photos courtesy of and licensed to United Pursuit

Gallery of photos from the recording of “Live at the Banks House”:

Listen to “Break Every Chain,” one of Reagan’s worship staples sung around the world, below:

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