Who-dunn-it? (Review)

Who-dunn-it? (Review)

Hannah Jones

The wonderful, thrilling and dark ” Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is now a movie. Exciting, right?

If you’re not familiar with the story, I’ll give you the simple plot line while simultaneously trying not to ruin the ending.

This is the story of  Nick and Amy Dunne’s marriage, and Amy’s mysterious disappearance. While their marriage seems to begin happily, it later takes a different turn.

When Amy mysteriously goes missing on the morning of their fifth anniversary, Nick finds it difficult to mourn her disappearance. The police and town begin to question his innocence when many aspects of her disappearance seem off.

In attempt to not give away the story, I’ll leave out majority of the twists. I’ll just say that the ongoing question is “Did Nick Dunne kill his wife?” You’ll just have to watch (or read) to find out.

In the movie, Ben Affleck plays the suspicious Nick Dunne and does a terrific job of being the not-missing-my-wife-enough husband. Rosamund Pike acts as Amy, the rich, privileged and self-conceited wife with ulterior motives.

This movie is not your typical mystery story, and the end will leave you saying Are you kidding me?!”

You will definitely applaud Gillian Flynn’s brilliance, and maybe fear her a little (her characters are crazy smart and I think she is too).

This story translates perfectly from page to screen, and this is definitely a must-see.


Watch the trailer here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2267998/

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