Get shakin’

Bonnaroo, Counterpoint, Lollapalooza, Party in the Park and this year, Shaky Knees.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to music festivals – the side that’s pro music and “the experience” and the side that’s concerned with the price and vast selection of drugs as well as disenchanted.

This year’s lineup captures the spirit of indie music. “I’ve got to say, this lineup couldn’t be more hip,” senior Haegan Altizer said.

with the deadly combination of the two annually concocted at large scale festivals like Bonnaroo.

This year, however, there’s a local, non-lethal option with music that holds it’s own against the lineups of the large-scale festivals.

From May ninth through 11th, Spoon, Modest Mouse, The National, Conor Oberst, Foals and countless other high caliber artists will make an appearance at the Shaky Knees Music Festival at Atlantic Station, just a stone’s throw from Decatur.

For senior Paige Gagnon, it’s a throw she’s not willing to miss. She says that at smaller scale festivals “you get to see newer indie bands as opposed to bonnaroo where … the bands are widely known and more mainstream.”

Senior Haegan Altizer agrees.

“The shaky knees line up this year looks super punk rock awesome,” he said. “I really wish I could go.”

Not only that, but Gagnon argues that it’s the music she doesn’t know that makes the festivals so killer.

“For me, finding new bands is a big part of the appeal of going to a music festival, like going and seeing this awesome band that you didn’t know existed,” she said. I’ve found a lot of my favorite bands through music festivals.”

And as far as this festival, in Atlanta for its second year, goes, Gagnon couldn’t pass it up because of the headliners combined with the new bands on the block.

“The reason I want to go to Shaky Knees so badly is because The National and Modest Mouse and Conor Oberst are all really big musical influences on me,” she said, “and I’d love to see them in person.”