Breaking Bad

Walt is a teacher who goes down the wrong path in an attempt to provide for his family. Image courtesy of

In Breaking Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston,) makes, to put it simply, “a series of very bad decisions.” After receiving a diagnosis of severe lung cancer, he chooses a dangerous path to make money.

Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the setting of Breaking Bad is often as bleak as Walt’s situation. By the end of the second season, he has alienated himself from not only his closest friends but his family as well.

The allure of Breaking Bad likely comes from this transformation from normalcy to insanity. All viewers are able to initially connect with Walt, a dad in a suburban neighborhood who teaches at the local high school. Once he meets Jesse Pinkman, and his transformation into a villain begins, the viewer’s connection is lost. Walt is in a world unfamiliar to those sitting and watching on their comfortable couches.

The acting in this show is amazing, to the point that the viewer will feel as though they are in the show, right alongside Walt and Jesse. Walt’s struggle between choosing right and wrong is portray realistically and heart-wrenchingly by Cranston.

A story of a man desperate to provide for his family after he is gone, Breaking Bad is not a show to watch lightly. Make sure to allot a solid couple hours of watching time. Each episode ends with such a startling finish that the only option is to watch the next one.