“Enjoy the Company” of friends with The Whigs


Evan Hynes

Drummer Julian Dorio and front-man Parker Gispert have been friends since they attended Westminster School as kids. They didn’t, however, start playing music together until they were at the University of Georgia.

There’s no such pride as local pride when it comes to music. Flipping through that beautiful, crisp new album booklet and seeing “Athens, Ga.” mixed into the production information evokes an elation greater than any other.

Then again, I’m a music buff.

Still, as I clasped the fourth album by The Whigs, a band out of Athens, Ga. between my eager fingers, I couldn’t help but crave a Walkman.

“Enjoy the Company” is, as a whole, an impressive blend of frequency. By all means, it’s the best album I’ve heard in a very, very long time.

Lead singer and composer Parker Gispert has found a way to incorporate a specific energy into each song. By doing so, he complements the sentiments of the lyrics to their core. Past the obvious splendor of their catchy-factor and severe musical talent, this trio made up of Gispert, drummer Julian Dorio and bassist Timothy Deaux, have an immense presence.

I mean I’ve seen the group live the past two years and can’t think of one bad thing to say about them.

As the energy flows from high to low throughout the concert, a point is reached where the only feeling I, for one, can attest to enduring is a surreal and exuberant bliss.

In 2010, junior Cyrus McDavid ventured to Variety Playhouse for their show and left with no complaints.

“I enjoyed their obvious enthusiasm to perform,” he said, “and [you] can’t forget those infinitely danceable beats.”

To me, it would be foolish to miss out on a good show, and The Whigs, in no small way, put on exactly that. On Nov. 23 they will grace the stage of the Variety Playhouse for the fourth consecutive year and will no doubt be just as incredible.

So for those who appreciate high quality music and charismatic performers, do yourself some good and get a ticket. I know you’ll “Enjoy the Company.”

In 2010, the Whigs had just released their third album, “In the Dark,” which was a big part of their set list at the November show.