The Flaming Lips rally their troops for a “Party in the Park”


At the end of the show, the air is filled with confetti and the band is joined onstage by the token sailor salmon man and multiple dancing Dorothys.

She sits, basking in a glorious May evening. The grass tickles the bottom of her feet as she converses with her friends. It’s been a long wait since three o’clock, and she is reeling with anticipation. Just then, she hears the roar of applause and hurls her tired body into the air. When she looks at the stage, she sees him emerge through a stream of lights that come together to form an enormous eyeball. She throws her friends an eager glance, and as the music starts to play she screams,“Wayne! Wayne Coyne!”

The Flaming Lips are coming, and they won’t be alone.

Dawes, Young the Giant and AWOLNATION will be joining The Flaming Lips at the “Party in the Park” in Centennial Olympic Park on May 19 from 3-11PM.

If you are a Flaming Lips fan, I’m sure you’re already off to buy your tickets, but if not, in just a few minutes you will be.

If you like music of any flavor, concerts probably resonate well with you, and by the end of High School, most music lovers have probably attended a few. Your average concert is a marvellous occasion, the music is loud, the crowd is pumped and the bass wails and maneuvers through your body until it finds the very core of it and shakes it. The feeling of the music within you begs you to dance, and as you scan the crowd, arms flailing, you see people so like you and so different from you. The room is filled with music, but also with this wonderful universality, because you know they all love something just as much as you do – the music you’ve come to see.

I’ve experienced this ten times over, and let me tell you, it’s beautiful, but twice in my life a concert has exceeded these realms, and both times were at a Flaming Lips concert.

Imagine the average concert, and throw in confetti, endless gigantic balls bouncing through the crowd and a man in a life sized hamster ball rolling across the crowd, and you’ll only barely grasp a Flaming Lips concert.

Grouped with the in-your-face electronic feel of AWOLNATION, the relaxed indy-alternative music of Young the Giant and the folky twang of Dawes, Party in the Park is sure to be a day to remember.

Ready to be overtaken?

Frontman Wayne Coyne rolls over the crowd at The Tabernacle in May, 2011 to get them rallied before his first song, “Race for the Prize.”