First person shooter games

For six years now, DICE and Activision (two gaming software companies) have waged war, off the console, against one another for the larger fan base. With DICE’s newest game “Battlefield 3” and Activision’s “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” it can be difficult to choose which one is better. So far Activision has outsold DICE. COD may be on top, but Battlefield has some great qualities that keep it running just behing COD.

“The lighting I must admit is easily “Battlefield 3”s strongest suit in visual quality…” writes  Matthew Whittaker from Planet Xbox 360. Critics seem to continuously state how amazed by the graphics of the game they are. Bradley Frietas, a DHS student, and avid gamer also approves of the games graphic quality. “Battlefield is simply more realistic… It has way better graphics than COD games.” Bradley says how he prefers the realistic sway and movement of the avatar in the game. “There are no unrealistic perks for your character and impossible sprinting speeds.”

“The gameplay is less archaic, and more realistic. The environment is almost completely destructible, and there’s nothing better than watching a building fall down on an enemy soldier,” sophomore Battlefield fan Dominick Anziano said.

Even with all these perks that Battlefield offers, COD stays on top of the charts. “Call of Duty is smoother and is played much faster.” Freshman, COD fan, Jose Castillo said.

“The gaming experience of COD is much faster and more run and gun. COD also offers more internet options. The newest of these is Cll of Duty Elite; “Elite users will also be able to share videos or screen shots captured within the game and download “Call of Duty” stat-tracking applications to their smartphones or tablets.” wrote Mark Millan fron CNN.

With perks like these and an already large fan-base, it is doubtful that Battlefield can catch up with COD.