A big change for Studstill was the way her education changed from being more individual to being more group centered. “When you're home-schooled you can decide how long you're going to spend doing a subject,” Studstill said. “In  [public] school you have a set number of things you have to do.”

Junior reflects on past homeschooling

March 6, 2012

Junior Natalie Studstill was home-schooled for seven years before she made the move to Renfroe in eighth...

Cassell (left) and Miller (right) discuss a difficult portion of Miller’s novel. Though she admits to being “nervous” about letting Cassell see the story, Miller lets Cassell help revise because “she is just one of those teachers I have a lot of respect for.”

Junior writes fantasy novel

March 6, 2012

Junior Emily Miller has a number of roles she plays in everyday life –  dancer, student ­­and sister....

Coates has picked up the banjo since attending the OA. “I’m excited to impress all my friends when I come home,” she said.

Ingrid Coats writes home from the Outdoor Academy

March 6, 2012

From her small cabin, she writes. She scrawls out her experiences in dark pen on a leaf of college ruled...

Walkupy the U.S. – Occupy protesters find alternate ways to spread the message

Walkupy the U.S. – Occupy protesters find alternate ways to spread the message

March 2, 2012

Since the Occupy Wall Street movement has been disabled at its core in New York City, rumors have been...

To drink or not to drink

To drink or not to drink

February 23, 2012

It’s finally here. You thought Friday night would never come, but here you are, in your friend’s...

Behind the scenes of Carpe Diem

Anna Downing, DEC crew

February 10, 2012

Each of Decatur’s different student groups draws a certain type of student depending on his or her interests. Most of these activities take place after school, but some are classes that meet every day.  One class meets every Monday through Wednesday and Friday during third period. This class, taught be Jon Reese, is called...

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