“The Hate U Give” tackles race, police brutality stunningly

“The Hate U Give” tackles race, police brutality stunningly

November 14, 2018

“The Hate U Give,” based on Angie Thomas' book of the same name, discusses racial issues in a surprisingly mature way while still entertaining its audience.

German actor visits Decatur

Maddie Smith

October 10, 2018

A German-Austrian actor visited Decatur High School and talked to students while temporarily in Decatur to film a new Disney movie.

“Crazy Rich Asians,” my personal reflection

September 7, 2018

Why "Crazy Rich Asians" is more than a romantic comedy.

The film features actors Teyonah Parris and Nic Few. “90 Days” is part of a greater initiative to help black women utilize  biomedical HIV prevention strategies through a collaborative campaign called “Black Women and PrEP.” PrEP, or Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, is a medicine, which if taken daily, can prevent HIV infection. The film was supported by the Black AIDS Institute, Walgreens, and CDC's Act Against AIDS prevention program.

Short film tackles HIV stigma

August 29, 2018

On Aug. 29, 2018 community public health employees, HIV clinicians, and activists took a stand against HIV in black communities at the screening of the short film “90 Days." The film follows a young couple and takes on HIV stigma and love, while highlighting biomedical prevention strategies.  

A Rushed But Lively Train Ride

A Rushed But Lively Train Ride

December 3, 2017

More than 80 years after the release of Agatha Christie’s novel, the newest adaptation of “Murder on the Orient Express” wonderfully reimagines the classic mystery in spite of the new film’s rough start.

“Battle of the Sexes,” a cinematic Grand Slam

October 13, 2017

44 years ago, Billie Jean King triumphed over Bobby Riggs, creating a turning point in history. Released on Sept. 22, "Battle of the Sexes," has captured this memorable moment.

A Tale as Old as Time, Told Once Again

A Tale as Old as Time, Told Once Again

March 31, 2017

Disney has brought us another live action remake of their old films! This time it's an American film set in France starring two British leads.

Best Picture Review:

Best Picture Review: “Fences”

March 24, 2017

After sitting in a theater for three hours, “Fences” left audiences with one word in mind– wow. Set...

“Hidden Figures” sheds light on inspiring story

February 1, 2017

From the moment the screen glows bright in the dark theater, “Hidden Figures”, directed by Theodore Melfi, expertly catapults viewers from 2017 back to 1961. It's a time where African Americans still use the “colored” coffee machine, TVs broadcast in black and white, and three women work tirelessly to launch a man into space.

Battle for history

December 15, 2016

A courtroom hangs in suspense. The defendant awaits the verdict, knowing it will command the past. As the judge makes his decision, a feeling of relief spreads over the defendant. She has won and her victory does nothing less than decide the fate of history.

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