(from left) Melissa Frey, Ella Dittmer, Brooke Janssen, Shmya Evans, Max Mendoza, Zakaria Salem and Aasiyah Muhammad visited the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on the last day of their trip.

Economics students travel to Japan

April 10, 2019

From March 28 to April 6, a group of Decatur economics students traveled across Japan.

The members of the Decatur Economics Challenge team. From left to right: freshmen Christopher Rosselot, Aiden Gibbs, Martha Leach, Sydney Balcom, and their instructor Susan Brown. All of the team’s members are freshmen this year, somewhat unusually among economics challenge teams.

Economics Quiz Bowl gains ground

April 1, 2016

Decatur’s Economics Quiz Bowl forms a challenging, but rewarding addition to the academic lives of its student members.

Decatur High School, GA