Drivers License FAQ

Drivers License FAQ

Matthew Yamamoto, Writer

DDS Online Services

For many under 16 in Georgia, the process to get your Class D driver’s license seems daunting. But this FAQ has all the information you need to start the process towards taking and acing your drivers test.

Do I have to go somewhere to get my license?

Yes. You have to go to a Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) location. There are plenty in Georgia. Some that are close to Decatur High School include the Georgia Department of Drivers Services at 2801 Candler Road #82, the DDS at 400 Whitehall Street SW and the DDS at 4125 Welcome All Rd #91.

Do I have to take a test?

Yes. The DMV Drivers test, also known as the  Drivers Exam, Drivers License Test, or Behind the Wheel Test, is required to test your ability to operate a car before you receive your license. The tests are different at each location, however they generally assess parallel, perpendicular and reverse parking, reversing the car, three point turns, changing lanes, street driving and more.

What do I need to be able to take the Drivers Test?

If you are age 16-18:

  1. You must have passed the written exam to get your Learner’s Permit
  2. You must have your Learners Permit for one year and one day
  3. You must be at least 16 years old
  4. You must have no major road violations with your learners permit
  5. You must have proof of school enrollment
  6. You must complete Joshua’s Law Requirements
  7. You must have certificate of ADAP or eADAP completion(should be given upon completion)

How do I get proof of school enrollment?

You can get your DHS proof of enrollment by going on the Decatur High School Website and pressing “Learners Permit or Driver License” under the student column.

What is Joshua’s Law?

Joshua’s Law was named after Joshua Brown, a teenager who died in a car accident in 2003. In his honor, his parents worked with legislation to increase driver safety requirements for teenagers. To pass Joshua’s Law requirements, there are 4 methods:

Method 1:

30 hours classroom instructions at certified school

6 hours behind the wheel training at a certified school w/ instructor

40 hours of driving with parent or guardian

Method 2: 

30 hours of classroom instruction at certified school

40 hour of parent-taught behind the wheel instruction with Parent/Teen Driving Guide

Method 3: 

30 hours of virtual instruction with certified program

6 hours behind the wheel training with certified instructor

40 hours driving with parent or guardian

Method 4:

30 hours of virtual instruction at certified school

40 hour of parent-taught behind the wheel instruction with Parent/Teen Driving Guide

Do I need my permit to take my Drivers test?

Yes. If you are under 16, you need to have had your learners permit for a year and one day before you can take your license test. 

Will I need insurance to take my license test?

Yes. All vehicles used in the Road Skills Test must be covered by insurance. 

You must have proof of valid insurance, your vehicle must have passed a vehicle inspection, you must have your vehicle registration, the license plate must not be expired, and you must know your hand signals if your vehicle doesn’t have turn signals.

What can I expect for the road skills test?

Due to COVID-19, there are now two different types of road skills tests: Traditional and Virtual.

  • For the Traditional test, there will be an examiner that administers the test in the passenger seat of the car.
  • For the Virtual test, the examiner will administer the test via a dual facing camera. A licensed parent or guardian must be sitting in the passenger’s seat. 

Call your testing site before your test to find out which test you will take.

What happens if I fail the test?

If you fail the test, you have to wait one day to take it again. After the second fail, you must wait 7 days between any of the following attempts.

What is ADAP?

ADAP, or Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program, is another required program for teens under 18 to get their driver’s license. There is an in person version(see ADAP) and a virtual version(see eADAP

What is the difference between a DMV and a DMV Tag Office?

A DMV Tag Office is a county office where you can complete title applications and license plate registrations. You cannot take your Road Exam at a DMV Tag Office. A DMV is a state office where you can receive vehicle registration and driver’s licensing. This is where you take your Road Exam. 

That’s everything you need to know to get your Class D license. Just remember: Always come to a full stop at a stop sign, regularly check your mirrors, don’t forget your turn signals.  Don’t be nervous. You got this!