Twitter page generates positive energy


Junior Claire Warren replied to a tweet from start-up page @dhs_smiles.

“I decided that some people needed a smile.”

This is the reason an 11th grade student at Decatur created the twitter page “Dhs Compliments.” Although the creator wishes to stay anonymous, it’s clear they want to share positivity to others at Decatur.

The page gives students the opportunity to send in compliments about one another anonymously. The messages will then be tweeted out to followers.

The creator thought students could use a positive boost after negativity spread on the “Yik Yak” app, an app that allows students to share their opinions via message boards.

“I had seen a lot of negative stuff on Yik Yak and saw a lot of unhappy faces around school,” the creator said.

When junior Claire Warren saw her name along with a compliment, she says her day was made. “When I saw the tweet about me I was so flattered. Reading through all of them made me really happy,” she said.

Warren wasn’t the only one who noticed the statement. The tweet, which said, “Claire Warren is the nicest person I know,” received five retweets and 18 favorites.

Warren agrees that Yik Yak does not do any good for students at Decatur. “I hate the fact that people at our school have gravitated towards Yik Yak,” she said. “It all goes back to a lesson we all learn as children – if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.”

Warren hopes that the page will continue to be put to good use. “I think there are so many great qualities about everyone at our school that should be acknowledged,” she said.

To follow the Decatur Compliments twitter page and check out the tweets, click here: