Earth Day Partay

Juniors Zoey Laird and Joe Walker are hosting an Earth Day Party at the Decatur garden. The party will take place on Saturday, April 19 from five to seven pm at the Decatur Community Garden.

This party is a celebration of the garden and spring, as well as a fundraiser. Attendees are encouraged to donate five to ten dollars. Laird said the donations will go directly to buying plants and the tools needed to cultivate the garden.

“We decided to start this Earth Day thing to raise more funds for the garden because we have a native plant environment up there,” Laird said.

Both Laird and Walker are intent on having the party have a “nice, fun and communal vibe that both students and adults would enjoy.” This includes food and entertainment.

The restaurant No. 246 will be providing free refreshments. For entertainment, Ruthie and Mary Margaret Stewart will perform, as well Decatur’s acapella group Quintessential and Agnes Scott’s Luchsingers. Also, a crowd pleaser, student juggling.

Walker said the purpose of this celebration is to “build a greater appreciation for the Decatur garden within the Decatur community, and in particular, among the student body.”

The garden was started by students a couple of years ago, but over the summer Lauren Sandoval, the Coordinator for Trees Atlanta, contacted Laird.

Laird says this is how she “became one of the leaders.”

Laird, Sandoval and Walker have been working diligently to improve the garden.

“We just want to have a space where students are being aware of where they can impact the environment,” Laird said, “and to help wildlife, native animals and insects thrive.”

Laird and Walker invite all, students and families, to this celebration of spring and the community garden.

“Basically, we’re just dedicated to serve the community, like the Oakhurst garden,” Laird said.