Snare drummer goes D-1 drumline

Glover will join the Georgia State drumline this fall.

Glover will join the Georgia State drumline this fall.

Senior Zachary Glover’s hard work in band class has finally paid off now that he has been offered a scholarship to Georgia State University to march in their marching band drumline.

Glover started marching as a freshman and he marched cymbals on the drumline. Glover decided not to march his sophomore year and came back his junior year. As a junior, Glover played snare drum and would do the same as a senior.

Ever since Glover made the snare drum he would spend countless hours in the band room just drumming on his drum pad. Everywhere Glover was, you always saw a pair of sticks in his hands and his drum pad. Glover always has lived by the philosophy that “Drumming is life.”

With the help of the band director Megan Williams and the percussion instructor Matthew Howell, Glover was accepted into Georgia State’s drumline.

This transition between high school and college isn’t going to be easy though. Glover knows that he will have to start from the bottom again.

“I really want to play snare, but I know I’m probably going to have to play in the front ensemble.”

Another transition that’s going to be hard for Glover is leaving friends behind.

“It’s going to be pretty sad actually leaving but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Glover is both excited and cautious about the future.

“Although is going to be challenging, going to college will give me a fresh start,” Glover said.

Glover believes that the college experience will allow him to meet new people and make connections with people that share the same passion that he has.