Senior helps homeless

The new and improved Main Frame classroom that Kurt Vogel helped create.

The new and improved Main Frame classroom that Kurt Vogel helped create.

Completing senior projects can be a very stressful time, but senior Kurt Vogel feels like his project was worth the stress.

Vogel decided to volunteer at the Main Frame program of the Central Outreach Advocacy Center(OAC). The OAC assists homeless or near homeless people in the metro-Atlanta area. The Main Frame helps guests attain job readiness skills, such as learning to use computers to make resumes.

The original Main Frame classroom.

Before Vogel came to the Main Frame program, the computer room for classes was very small and in the back of the building, which was difficult for guests to find. Vogel moved the equipment to a room with more space and to a more visible area, which would help the overall program expand.

“The most important part was knowing I did something that would make a difference in someone’s future,” Vogel said.

Vogel also got to help teach a computer class one day at the Main Frame program and help guests learn how to navigate the computer.

The Main Frame director Thomas Guthrie mentored Vogel during his time at the program.

“He was real helpful when it came to the move,” Guthrie said.

After completing the project, Vogel feels as though he has become more independent. He also is glad that he did something to help others in the community.

After high school Vogel plans on becoming a computer engineer, and that is why he decided to work in a computer program.

Vogel’s advice for upcoming seniors is to base their senior project on something they love.