For the love of horseback riding

For the love of horseback riding

Sophomore Louisa Boswell is not like the average Decatur student. She uses her down time to ride horses and get away from her everyday life.

After Boswell tried soccer, gymnastics, and many more sports, she found her passion for horseback riding.

“I’ve always loved being around horses,” Boswell said.

She started riding in fourth grade at the Vogt Riding Academy. She made a decision at a young age which type of riding to participate in.

There are many different types of English style riding. Boswell had to choose between show jumping, cross country, polo and fox hunting, among many others. Dressage is the type of English riding that is artistic and intricate. It is a skill to try to make your horse “dance.”

At this time, she rides in Alpharetta, working to rehabilitate the horses. She also trains “off-the-track,” race horses, and participates in dressage shows.

“The toughest part is training your horse to cooperate with you,” Boswell said. She has trained with her horse, Slickers, for over two years.

“Choosing a horse is a personal decision but several factors are important when making your choice,” United States Dressage Fed said.

Currently, Boswell is still growing in the sport as well as her horse.

“The passion is the characteristic that keeps me going,” Boswell said.