Seniors meet professional musician Tyler Ward


Seniors Hannah Williams, Natalie Studstill and Annelies Schellingerhout had no intentions of meeting Tyler Ward that night. The invitation came from Ward’s lead guitar player.

It’s not every day that you get to meet the person you think you’ll be with forever. For senior Hannah Williams, it required waiting outside musical artist and YouTube sensation Tyler Ward’s van after his show in Atlanta this past Saturday night.

“We were waiting by the stage after his show and his bass player called us over and told us if we wanted to meet Tyler, we just had to find his van,” Williams said. “He even said, ‘I mean, he has to go back to the van at some point tonight…’ so we found the van and waited outside with some other weird fans.”

Ward originally started off on YouTube, and is best known performing covers of trendy pop songs. Ever since producing his first video in 2008, Ward has gained over one million subscribers and 300 million views on his channel. His biggest video yet, a cover of the song Payphone by Maroon 5, has over 20 million hits and was released a little over a month ago.

Though meeting Ward was definitely a highlight of the night, Williams declares that the concert was amazing, too. “We ended up getting front row once we were in,” Williams said. “It also made it incredibly easy to hand him the shirt we made him in the middle of the concert, which he lifted up to show the whole venue, and then started rapping out the whole to the lyrics we had put on the back of the shirt.”

Senior Annelies Schellingerhout, who accompanied Williams to the concert, agrees that the night was surely unforgettable. “Throughout the whole concert he kept making eye contact with us and sang to us,” Schellingerhout said. “It was incredibly difficult to not go full-blown fan girl and just scream. He basically made all of our nights.”

Although Williams and Schellingerhout didn’t travel that far to see their idol, other fans did. “There was a girl who flew in from Brazil to see him,” Williams said. “It was great getting to see the look on his face when the Brazilian girl gave him a hug and wouldn’t let go. He seemed so touched.”

When Williams and Schellingerhout finally met him themselves, they both agreed he couldn’t have been nicer. “He was radiating with energy. He seemed so friendly and eager to meet us, not playing too cool for us at all, which was really neat,” Williams said. “He was also super goofy and really down to earth.” If Williams could say anything to Ward today, she knows exactly would it be. “I would say, ‘you rock my world, please tour more so we can have a chance to see you again.’”