Junior gets chilling results from her basement audio recording

Junior gets chilling results from her basement audio recording

Despite her paranormal experiences, Jayne Anne Ahmann wasn’t afraid to be in her own house. “The simplest way to put it is that paranormal activity was never an issue that interfered with my daily life,” she said.

Throughout her life, junior Jayne Anne Ahmann had unexplainable events happen in her house. “It wasn’t like every other day something creepy would happen, but it was more of something big would happen every few years,” she said.

Being a rational person, Ahmann wanted to believe that there was a realistic reason for these events to happen, but they were so inexplicable that they lead her to believe there might be something more in her house.

This past spring, Ahmann’s mother had a psychic come to their home to prove that there was nothing strange in the house. The visit had the opposite effect when the psychic claimed to feel a strong paranormal presence in the house. Ahmann said the woman also burned sage in the house to get rid of any spirits, but it soon became readily apparent that the sage did not work.

No more than a few months later, Ahmann and her friend, junior Lindsey Futch, decided to play with a Ouija board. Ahmann said that, before the Ouija board experience, she absolutely did not believe that Ouija boards were real. She was using it for fun, so she was not worried when the board answered the questions correctly. Ahmann simply assumed that Futch was messing with the board to scare her. Trying to debunk her friend, Ahmann asked the board a question to which Futch did not know the answer. The Ouija board still got it right.

“It was definitely the scariest thing that has ever happened to me,” she said. “Not because we felt threatened, it was just because it was something our minds couldn’t explain, and we are all afraid of the things our minds don’t fully understand.”

Wanting someone to talk to, Ahmann turned to her English teacher, Chris Parizo. When she told him about what happened, Parizo responded in a very serious manner, telling her to get the Ouija board out of the house immediately. He then gave Ahmann a audio recorder to put in her basement one night when no one would be home. When they listened back to the tape, both Parizo and Ahmann were very surprised by the resonance they got on the tape. “First, you heard an object fall onto the ground,” she said. “But the scary part was the table. There was the clear sound of a table being dragged across the floor.”

Because of the Ouija board, Parizo and Ahmann both thought that the amount of activity would increase. But, the opposite thing occurred instead. “It seems like the Ouija board had a complete reverse effect with us. We haven’t experienced any activity since the night we recorded the basement,” Ahmann said.