Student defies odds


Ja’Tavia Bell has many responsibilities this senior year, including raising her son.

At the start of senior year most students come in with one goal in mind, to make it to graduation. For senior Ja’Tavia Bell, her goal is similar. “I just want to balance school, along with being the best mother I can be,” she said.Then again, Bell is not your average student. On Mar. 18, 2012, she welcomed her first-born son Kaiden Bell into the world. According to, the dropout rates among pregnant teenagers in the U.S. is at 90%.Though the statistics are well-known, for Bell, they took on a whole new meaning.

“My biggest fear was me not being able to balance school and Kaiden well enough,” she said. “The hardest part about being a mother was all of the things I knew I would have to give up, like just being a teenager,” she continued.

In spite of difficulties like these, Ja’Tavia thinks she’s fortunate.

“Without the Frasier Center, money would’ve been a bigger issue. Also, he’s at a good daycare center, and he’s close to me,” she said.

Bell said she has no regrets about becoming a mother.

“At the end of the day, Kaiden is a blessing that no one can take from me. He’s mine, my son, and he is the best thing that ever happened to me.”