Junior moving to Europe


Dillon (far right) and her family in Denmark 2010.

On June 10th, junior Aislinn Dillon will leave the streets of Decatur and move to another part of the world: Denmark. “I have the chance to move in with my Dad,” Dillon said. “It’s a great opportunity, because I’ve missed Europe ever since I’ve left. Last summer when I visited I realized that it’s the place where I see myself; it feels like home to me.”

Not only does Dillon feel like she belongs in Europe, but she looks forward to the great experiences it will bring. “I’ll be close to so many amazing countries,” she said. “I want my life to be an adventure, and this is one step closer to that.”

Dillon is also looking forward to experiencing European culture during her time in Denmark. “Their culture is so much different from here,” Dillon said. “The travel options and the food are also a plus.”

One thing that Dillon will be used to is the school curriculum in Denmark. “I’ll be attending an IB school and it will teach English,” she said. “I’ve heard the IB program in Europe can be very challenging and very different from the american diploma program.”

The difficulty level in school isn’t the only thing that Dillon will have to worry about. “I’ll be riding my bike for two miles everyday to get to school,” Dillon said. “It is very cold in Denmark.”

Although she feels like Denmark is going to be a great adventure, Dillon admits that she will miss her family back home, but feels prepared to embark on her journey alone. “Moving away is just a part of growing up,” she said. “And I’m ready.”