Junior Chase Crouse inspired by Decatur Idol to pursue singing country music


Currently Crouse’s favorite song is Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch. “It’s my favorite partly because I’m working on singing it right now, and partly because it has such meaningful lyrics,” he said. Some of his other favorites are Jake Owen, Blake Shelton, Josh Turner and others.

On April 27th, students from RMS and DHS took the stage in Decatur’s performing arts center to compete in the third annual Decatur Idol – an event that mimics the original television show American Idol.

Junior Chase Crouse is one of the ten contestants who performed at the event. Crouse is pursuing his dream of being a country singer. He has been singing since he was little, and is preparing to audition for a “real” singing competition, preferably American Idol or the Voice. This year Crouse came in second with his performance of “Drunk on You” by Luke Bryan. This was his second year in the competition.

The winners of Decatur Idol are chosen by the audience. Each individual in the audience is given a ticket at the door, and these are used to make their pick after the performances. Crouse was surprised he won second place this year because a lot of the junior class and other support couldn’t attend due to other events and sports. “I didn’t think I would get enough votes to actually win,” he said. “It was a great turn out though, and it was really fun. I love it.”

Decatur Idol has influenced Crouse’s interest in pursuing his music career. He won fourth place his first year. “It was one of the best experiences of my life,” he said. “Before that I’d never sung in front of a real audience. It’s an exhilarating feeling to sing on stage with people supporting you and loving the performance.”

Crouse may be new to performing, but singing has always been part of his life. “I’ve been singing since I was a little boy,” he said. “I remember singing at the dinner table and my mom would always tell me I was being rude, but it was a almost a habit. I did it all the time.”

Country music is Crouse’s main focus and influence for pursuing his music career. “It’s my dream to be a country singer or performer because through music, so much emotion is expressed that can be directly related to everyone’s lives.”

His mother introduced him to the genre. Crouse’s whole family is supportive, but his mother is the one that has inspired him the most. “She’s pushed country music into my life for so long,” Crouse said. “I’ve always loved it and she always said I was gonna be the next Tim McGraw.”

This summer, Crouse will be taking voice lessons to gain practice and strengthen his talent. He hopes to find an audition for a national competition in the next year.