Babysitter becomes nanny

Babysitter becomes nanny

Kuehnel’s maternal nature earned her the nickname “Momalie” among her friends.

While most seniors choose to go down the traditional college route after high school, more and more students are exploring other options like taking a gap year to travel or enrolling at a naval academy. Senior Amalie Kuehnel, however, has something else in mind.

“Next year, I’m going to be nannying for this couple. The dad is out of town a lot, so the main thing is that I’m there for [the mom]. She just had a baby and she’s got a three-year-old son, so I’m going to be taking [him] to school and picking him up from there and putting him to sleep.”

Kuehnel has been babysitting for the couple for about a year, and was intrigued when they approached her about the possibility of becoming their nanny. “They thought [ having me be their nanny] would be a good idea, and, I mean, it is,” Kuehnel said. “I love kids.”

Over the year that Kuehnel has worked for the family, she formed a strong bond with their son. “The three-year-old boy really likes me a lot. He’s actually called me mommy a couple of times. But he’s great. He listens, he behaves, he cleans up after himself. He’s a pretty good kid. I like him, he likes me.”

In addition to a free stay in the family’s guest house and the opportunity to help raise two young boys, the job has other perks.

“I’m kind of nervous about the moving out part, but they’re hooking it up. They let me drive an Audi. It’s the dad’s car and he rarely drives it so they just said they’re going to go ahead and give it to me. They’re going to pay for insurance, gas money. I’ll get $100 in my pocket every week. They’re paying for me to live with them basically, so I’ve got a lot to look forward to.”

Kuehnel will begin nannying for the family this June and plans to take classes on physical therapy at Georgia Perimeter College in her free time.