Corsages, pretty dresses… and T.I.?

Was prom the night to remember?

For junior Jeanelle Seals, it was. Seals was in the restaurant Shout, located near Piedmont park, when she and her friends heard some exciting news from their limo driver; the celebrity rapper T.I. was about to enter the restaurant they were in.

“Our driver knew T.I.’s driver,” Seals said. “[When we found out], we waited, very excited and talking about how we would act when we met him.” Seals and her friends didn’t have to wait long to meet the star, either. “There was only a crowd of about five people, not including us, who knew he was coming out because it was supposed to be a secret,” Seals said.

After waiting the ten minutes that seemed like forever, the rapper finally arrived. “He came out with his entourage and kids in tow. We started to run over to him, but his body guard put his hand out to signal us to stop. Then, we started to speed walk over to him,” Seals said.

When T.I. met the Decatur crowd, Seals says he wasn’t afraid to strike up a conversation. “He asked us if we were going to prom, and what school we went to,” she said.

The jitters of meeting the star hadn’t worn off by the time Seals and her friends piled back into the limo. “We got back in the limo, really excited, and started calling and texting everyone. When his song came on the radio, we went crazy!”

Although prom itself was fun, Seals says that T.I. was the highlight of the night. “Because people only came for around 30 minutes, then left, there wasn’t a lot of dancing. That made prom not as fun as it potentially could have been,” Seals said.

Nevertheless, prom was still fun for Seals. “I enjoyed myself because I got to see everyone dressed up. The photo booth was the best part,” She said.

Overall, Seals will never forget the night of April 14, 2012. “It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. It’s not everyday you actually get to meet a celebrity,” Seals said.