Cornhole’s rising popularity

Georgia is often thought of as hick town, a place where all the country bumpkins go to line dance and wallow in the mud. While some may resent the hillbilly image many people have of Georgia, one very country game has been gaining popularity here in Decatur. It is called cornhole.

First introduced last year in a Senior Project, cornhole has been gaining speed ever since. One sophomore, Sara Norman, has recently been caught up in the fad. “My friends and I are kinda obsessed right now,” she admits.

The obsession really began with just hanging out together. “We heard the girls soccer team did it at their Baby Shower for coach Stephen Gathany and figured we should try it, too,” Norman said.

Norman and her friends have two sets of cornhole between them all, with Norman owning one complete set and Sarah Stubbs and Amel Alyamani sharing another. Stubbs and Alyamani bought their cornhole platforms from Walmart, while Norman actually made hers with her dad.

The rules of cornhole were easy to learn for everyone, and they were all soon caught up in the game. To play you split up into teams of two, with one person from each team standing on either side of the two cornhole platforms. Once that’s been done, each person takes turns tossing their bean bags towards the platform, aiming for the hole in the middle. A bag in the hole is three points, and if a toss lands on the platform, it is worth one. The first team to get to a set amount of points is crowned the winner.

Norman has named her cornhole set “The official sophomore class cornhole game.”

While the sophomore class has embraced the sport, Norman says that they are by far the most enthusiastic class about the game. She hopes to bring cornhole on spring break, and further educate others in cornhole.