Fashina has best of both worlds


Many students only have one city to call home. Some students never even get the experience of living outside of Decatur. But junior Marty Fashina has the best of both worlds. He lives in the city of Decatur for 35 weeks out of the year, and for the rest, he lives in Nigeria.

Fashina grew up in Nigeria with his mother and father. He spent all of his early childhood and preschool education in that Nigeria, attending private schools.

Spending the first nine years of his life in Nigeria allowed Fashina to develop many relationships. “My favorite part about visiting Nigeria is visiting my best friends,” he said.

When Fashina was ten years old, he and his mother moved to the United States while his father stayed in Nigeria to run a hospital. Fashina’s father is an obstetrician and owns the Arewa Specialist Hospital.

Although Fashina has to take a nine hour flight every time he wants to visit his father, there is one thing that he always looks forward to. “My most favorite part [when visiting] is getting the opportunity to observe my father during his surgeries.”

Because of Fashina’s unique living situation, most people begin to make certain assumptions. “I keep getting asked by people if my parents are divorced,” he said. “They’re not. My father works there, but he visits us or we visit him every three weeks.”

Other people look on Fashina’s unique living situation with interest. “I think it’s pretty cool how he gets to travel back and forth from place to place,” said junior Morgan Johnson.

Fashina also feels the same. “I feel so blessed to be from two countries,” he said. “I am able to experience two very different cultures.”