The Battle of the Wonder-Nerds


The Wonder- Nerds rocking out at Battle of the Bands. “We did it because it was a gig and we love to play music,” Ritter said.

You feel the sweat on your hands. The crowd is cheering your name. You hear the drum beat you have been waiting for. In a few seconds the music will be all you hear.

On Sunday, February 19, Decatur students Zack Ritter, Roger Hunt and Charlie Bond played as the Wonder-Nerds at the Masquerade. Although they did not win this round, Ritter, Hunt and Bond will continue to enter competitions like this one. “We didn’t do it for the 500 dollar prize,” Ritter said. “We did it because it was a gig and we love to play music.”

In addition to the 500 dollars the winning band would have gotten studio time, but The Wonder-Nerds are far ahead of the game.”We have already had two days of studio time for ten hours at Virtuo studios,” Hunt said. Since studio time is very valuable, the Wonder-Nerds did not want to waste any of it. “We recorded 15 tracks for our two albums in those two days,” he said.

Although they recorded the songs very fast, the boys wanted to make sure the music was good as well. “The guy at the Virtuo loved us,” Bond said.”He said our songs were really good even with the little studio time we had.”

While the love of music started very recently for some the boys, the group has stayed strong for the last two years. Hunt and Ritter began their journey into music in middle school, while Bond started in elementary. The band members are very passionate about their music and group dynamic. “We would love to continue playing through college, and we are willing to work for it,” Bond said.

Bond is the drummer as well as vocalist while hunt plays guitar and Ritter plays bass. “We are very in tune with each other,” Hunt said. “We have experienced a lot together.”

The band members all agree that they do not want to become like any before them. “We are the Wonder-Nerds,” Bond said. “We don’t fall into a genre we kind of make our own.”

The majority of music the band plays is inspired by their experiences. “Our songs are good but very funny, Hunt said. “The song Possum Flip for example, was created when we saw our friend run over a possum after one of our gigs.”

For now, the guys are working on getting their albums on ITunes and Amazon as soon as possible. The only obstacle in their way is copyrighting the music. “We can’t to sell our albums Angle Side Side and Super Bawling,” Ritter said.

The band is working to make their album the best that it can be. “It just needs a little bit more work,” Hunt said. “Soon everyone will be able to hear what The Wonder-Nerds have to offer.”