Tahitian Dances


Raven prepares for Tahitian competition in Hawaii when she was thirteen.

Different styles of dance float around the community. Junior Raven Scott has mastered and decided to share a new style of dance that has not widely spread.

J-Scott picked up Tahitian dance while she lived in Hawaii from second through eighth grade. Tahitian dance is from the island of Tahiti. It’s cultural and different from other types of dances because it focuses on the hips with the arms accentuating each movement. Certain gestures tell a specific story, intensifying each movement.

There are two types of music for styles of Tahitian dance, the first being Banjo which women normally sing, giving a family type feel. The second style requires the drums. This style of music is the more traditional style of dance.

J-Scott joined Tahitian classes in seventh grade. “My heart immediately embraced this cultural style of dance,” she said.

Raven’s mother is very proud and amazed on her quick her daughter has mastered Tahitian dance. “ Raven is very talented, I have no doubt in my mind that she can achieve anything she puts her mind too. Our family loves watching her follow her dreams and successfully conquer each of them one at a time.”

She has been practicing Tahitian dance for over four years. ”This has become my lifestyle. I will probably continue Tahitian dancing for the rest of my life.”

A year and a half ago she moved to Atlanta and realized Tahitian dance was not popular or shared around our community. J-Scott immediately decided she wanted to start workshops that will be held at Rythma Studios located in Marietta to teach Tahitian dance to hip hop music and Tahitian drums. She said she hopes to host classes daily once the style of Tahitian dance gains popularity.