Michael Thibadeau fixes and collects autos


Ford F-100 after a three inch lift and special off-road tires.

Having a collection of automobiles is something most people can only dream about. Usually people envision only the super wealthy with personal car collections, but there is another way to attain this dream, and junior Michael Thibadeau has figured it out.

The first thing a person needs is simple – it’s passion. Thibadeau has true passion for cars, trucks and pretty much anything with an engine and wheels. His passion is clearly expressed though the various vehicles he has acquired, fixed up, and maintained over the years. – everything from pick-up trucks to go-karts,

Thibadeau has four trucks in his collection and a couple of go-karts. He got his first go-kart at age six and learned how to fix and maintain it out of necessity. From there he built his knowledge of how engines work and moved on to trucks.

“I’ve just always been really interested in cars ever since I was young,” Thibadeau said. “It’s what I know best, and plus I just really enjoy fixing something that I can have a true appreciation for afterwards and just have fun with.”

Another reason Thibadeau has been successful in collecting automobiles is that he has a keen eye for any car, truck, or even go-kart that he could possibly repair himself and buy for a reasonable price.

Thibadeau’s current project is re-building an engine for a 1970 Ford F-100. His eye drew him to the antique truck that was just sitting unmaintained in the backyard of a family friend, and when he inquired about it, he got the truck for free.

The most recent addition to Thibadeau’s collection is a go-kart he bought for $350 from brothers Nate and Jack Scully when he noticed it rusting away in their backyard. He fixed it up in less than a month.

Thibadeau’s ride of choice, however, is his 1983 red Jeep J-10 Laredo truck. He drives it to school just about every day. He really likes that it’s rare to see this type of Jeep on the road now, and when people see it, they know it’s him.