D.U.C.K Or Die (From Laughter)


Members of D.U.C.K at a show in Jonesboro in 2011

If laughter is the best medicine, then improv is the cure.

A local group called D.U.C.K (Decatur yoUth Comedy Krewe), made up of middle and high school students, have come together to perform improv comedy shows. They aren’t famous, but they get booked like pros. “People hire us, usually old folks homes. It’s kind of embarrassing. I guess old people are bored,” sophomore Monica Lefton, a member of D.U.C.K, said.

D.U.C.K is a group that was started by Lefton’s father, Lew Lefton, to keep his passion for comedy alive. As the group’s director, he helps guide them in the way of improv comedy. “The kids who perform tell me they really enjoy it. The parents have been very supportive, and we have been fortunate to have some truly fantastic audiences and shows. As long as everyone is having fun, I count that as a success,” Lew said. Despite the father/daughter relationship between the two, Monica still enjoys D.U.C.K. “It’s sometimes weird but not too bad, I really like it, so I put up with it,”Monica said.

This group isn’t just a way of life for Lew, but it also teaches the members how important comedy is in people’s lives. “People are attracted to people that laugh. It makes you a fun person to be around because you’re laughing all the time. You don’t have to be funny, if you’re just willing to have a good time,” freshman Lexi Ritter, also a member of D.U.C.K, said.

D.U.C.K consists of the following members: Noemi Griffin, Jenna Haynes, Monica Lefton, Katy Lyle, Madeliene McCarthy, Justin O’Brien, Lucy Phipps-Kaye, Lexi Ritter, Matt Thornton, Jordan Baxter, Eric Broner, Stephen Hanes, and Claire Smith. They perform every third Sunday of the month at Java Monkey at 6 p.m.