Keon and his dance crew


Most people think that break dancing is for the street and is impossible to make a living from. Senior Keon Lovette has a different opinion. “Dance inspires me a lot because it has a high amount of ambition, and it’s something I really love to do, and I enjoy sharing it with others.”

Not only does Lovette plan to make a living off of break dancing, but he has formed his own dance group called Graffiti Crew. He hopes to develop a love of dance in them.  “It’s important for me to educate other people in history, and in the basic knowledge about dance because dance is something you are born into, not something you can just learn,” said Lovette.

Lovette has already taken his break dancing to the next step in becoming a dancing star.  “I have taken the initiative to get out there more, and since I have a crew, I can base my future on dance.  We have been performing at the UniverSoul Circus and at a hair show… just to get our name out there as dancers. We plan to go out of the country to express our hip-hop to the world when I graduate.”

One of the major things that keeps Lovette’s inspiration to dance is the the support of his friends and family. “One of my friends that I dance with has been picking me up and driving 30 to 40 minutes just to get me to these practices,” he said.

But it takes more than just Lovette’s friends support to help him have a career in break dancing.  The school has offered to let Graffiti Crew practice in classrooms.  “I’m very grateful for the school allowing me to use their space just to let my crew dance because they don’t have to do it. I’m so happy that they take interest in my practice.”

Lovette isn’t the only one that takes dancing seriously. Graffiti Crew member, freshman Will Bennett, practices just as hard as Lovette. “I don’t play around when I dance. I take it very seriously,” Bennett said.

Lovette opens his dance crew to all ages and gender. “Working with Keon is amazing. I’ve never really been in a dance crew, and it’s awesome. I’m really enjoying myself,” Bennett said.

Lovette tries his best to be a good crew member and inspire his dancers. Graffiti Crew member, junior Raven J-Scott has been touched by Lovette’s dancing. “ Keon has motivated me a lot. I practice at home. I have more inspiration to dance because I practice a lot of his choreography. I always talk about Keon and talk about the things we’re accomplishing in this dance crew,” she said.