Different personalities forms the musical group TKO


Different students find common ground by blending their musical talents. Six boys, Elijah Hayes (E-smooth), Gregory Thomas (Da Don), James Mixon (J-riot), Abdul Rasheed (AB), Keon Lovette (K. Finale), and Lamont Torres (Lil Lunatic) have joined together as a rap group.

“We all have different ideas, but we all find this one common beat we can rap to all day everyday. We just come in here. It’s not something that’s just a hobby. It’s more like a passion. Like a heartbeat, it’s always gonna be with you,” Lovette said.

Every day after school, the boys go to the learning center to work on their music.

“We just come in here, and do what we have to do,” Mixon said.

Two years ago, Rasheed and Hayes began rapping together. That’s when the group began to form spontaneously

“We basically started at Elijah’s house, and we just randomly started rapping,” Rasheed said.

Thomas recorded Hayes and Rasheed rapping and decided to join along on the next song.

“After the first recording, I was like-okay. I’ll hop on,“ Thomas said.

The boys name TKO stand for T(echnical) K(nock) O(ut). The name was Hayes’s idea.

“We were recording a song on the ‘Make It Rain’ instrumental. It was Abdul’s part and E-Smooth pulled out some gloves at the end of the song. He was was like TKO! And that’s how we got our name,” Thomas said.

Mixon was new to Decatur last year when he heard about the new group TKO “When I got here, I kind of ran into all these guys and they were like-all doing music. So why not put a group together,” Mixon said.

Lovette was a part of another group called SSGT. When he heard about TKO, he decided to join“When TKO came in, SSGT we were kind of on a different basis. We all have different ideas, but later on we all come on this common beat that we can just rock too,” Lovette said.

Torres was solo before he joined. “I’ve been doing poetry all of my life, kind of started doing poetry contests in like middle school. I left it because I felt it wasn’t getting me anywhere. And my friends were doing TKO, so I decided to join the group,” Torres said.

TKO also works with other people. “We are the main group, but it’s also fun working with other people because we aren’t the only ones with good ideas or talent,” Mixon said.

TKO respects each other’s talent and wouldn’t have it any other way. “Cant nobody diss anybody! We like family. We always are going to back each other up,” Thomas said.

TKO has performed at different parties the community has hosted “We’ve peformed at bar mitzvas, whatever the communityoffers,” Thomas said.

If you would like to listen to more of TKO music go to Daftpiff.com and youtube.com/dogslilgreg. If you are interested in having TKO perform at your events, contact them by emailing gregthoman9gt@yahoo.com.