The drama queen may return


Many twelfth graders are counting down the days until they can finally leave Decatur behind. Senior Rachel Wansker, however, is hoping she can come back.

Wansker’s love for theater will find her attending Kennesaw State University, “which has one of the best theater departments in the state,” Wansker said.

In addition she wants to return to Decatur, this time as a director helping Lynn Hosking with the drama club’s fall production of “Macbeth.” This will give Wansker a good opportunity to learn more about her interests.

“I want to teach theater as well as have a type of profession in theater,” Wansker said.

This dream is nothing new. Wansker was a little girl when she first wanted to work in theatre. Her parents were very supportive.

“I begged my parents to let me do it, and they signed me up for drama camp,” Wansker remembered.

Wansker went on to work with other theater companies including Synchronicity Theater and Shakespeare Tavern.

“I have done some stuff at the Academy Theater,” Wankser said. “When I was there, I acted, directed and worked stage lights. I did everything.”

Hosking has known her since Wansker’s sophomore year, but first saw her in “Romeo and Juliet” a year or two earlier.

Through the years Hosking and Wansker grew closer, and the teacher gave the student the confidence she needed.

“She knows more than I do about Shakespeare, so we balance each other well,” Hosking said.

It’s still not certain if Wankser will return to help Hosking direct “Macbeth.” Hosking said they’ll have to wait and see how college goes for Wansker. She may be too busy.

Either way, Wansker will likely continue pursuing her goals.

“Every day I learn new things, and I never stop learning and I never run out of things to learn,” Wansker said. “There will never be a point when I can’t learn more.”