Sophomore paints with a can


Henderson made this painting for Mother’s Day for his mom. “He painted it for me because he know its one of my its one of my favorite shade plants,” she said.

Some painters use watercolors. Others express themselves with acrylics.

Edward Henderson, a sophomore at DHS, gets his paint from a can. Henderson is a graffiti artist and prefers spray painting as a way to show his emotions.

“It is a great way to express myself,” Henderson said.

Henderson has enjoyed art since he was little. He has been drawing ever since he could write his own name.

It was in seventh grade when Henderson first felt drawn to spray painting. He was sitting in class drawing his name in block letters. He then wanted to go out and spray paint it.

“I went out with my dad and got the paint and painted it down on the basement wall,” he said.

His love for spray painting stayed with him. Today when he starts a piece, it can take from five to ten minutes for a small piece. Bigger pieces take him about five to six hours.

Henderson not only paints for his own pleasure, but uses it to share with others. For Mother’s Day last year, Henderson painted a trillium, a rare plant found in Georgia, for his mother Paula.

“He painted it for me because he knows it’s one of my shade plants,” she said.

Whether it is expressing himself or creating paintings for others, Henderson plans on continuing to see where spray painting takes him.

“I feel like you can display your emotions at the same time in one piece, which to me is huge,” Henderson said.