Friends obsess over pop icons


Lane and Jordan meet Allstar Weekend.

Lane Turner and Jordan Kesler, best friends and Decatur juniors, have an extreme infatuation with Allstar Weekend, a band discovered by the Disney Channel.

The two students first discovered the band separately toward the end of their freshman year. But on June 19, 2010, they ended up bonding over their then secret admiration of the band. “I was over at Jordan’s house and we were messing around watching music videos,” Turner said. “We ended up stopping on a video by Allstar Weekend, and we both admitted we liked them.”

The girls spent the rest of that day listening to their music and began to discover everything interesting about the group. “We both ended up finding out as much as we could about the boys,” said Kesler. That day marked the beginning of their obsession.

They attended their first concert on August 19, 2010, and got to meet the boys of Allstar Weekend for the first time. “We made t -shirts for them to keep, and we made t-shirts for ourselves,” Kesler said.

“Lane’s shirt said ‘I would pay one billion quarters for Zach Porter’ her favorite member, and mine said ‘Don’t be messing with my Quiseng’ because Cameron Quiseng is my favorite member.”

The two friends have attended three concerts since that first show, meeting the band members every time.

Because these two share their love for the group, they celebrate many of the dates having to do with the band. “First we celebrated the date we found out about them, and now we celebrate December first, the date of our favorite concert,” Turner said.


“We love the band, not only because of their music, but they also seem to keep our friendship strong in some way,” Kesler added.

Along with celebrating important dates, they also wear California-shaped pendants around their necks, representing the band’s hometown of San Diego, where they eventually would like to live. “At some point we want to move to San Diego. At first it was because of the band, but now it’s because we like San Diego,” Kesler said.

Next up for Turner and Kesler is attending a Feb. 10 concert for which they have VIP tickets. The concert falls on Turner’s birthday, and she ensures this will be the best one yet. “Because of the VIP tickets we’ll get to meet the band again, and since it’s my birthday, I know it’s going to be better then the first four times!” she said.