Baseball team curves new changes

Jarrett Ford believes in his team. For Ford, this years team has a new chemistry.
Jarrett Ford believes in his team. For him, they have a new chemistry.

Last season the Decatur baseball team made an impressive run all the way to the Sweet 16.  Sadly, many players could not attend the final game, and according to current senior Pete Sass, who pitched that night, the game was “difficult to play.”

Despite the upset, the team continues to persevere and maintains persistent optimism as well as a consistently strong work ethic as they slide into a new year and a new region.

As each member tries to improve themselves, Senior and pitcher, Pete Sass, wants to work on building himself up as a player since he realizes he will have a “big role to play on the team this year.”

Roster changes have opened up the team and changed the dynamic that’s persisted over the last few years. According to Sass this will be the first year that “there will be spots to battle for.”

Jarrett Ford, pictured running, expects championship success in Decatur’s new region.

The team isn’t the only thing changing. Decatur is sporting a brand new coach, Robby Gilbert. Although new to Decatur, Gilbert is not new to coaching, having previously worked at Tucker High School.

Jarrett Ford, a returning junior, has a good feeling about the new overseer, as well as high expectations.

“He cares about the program and wants to see us do well,” Ford said. “I just want him to lead us in a good direction, teach us the game, and put us in the best position to have fun, win games, and go deep into the playoffs.”

With spirits high and change abounding, the baseball team has a lot to look forward to.