Wrestling trumps regional meet and advances to sectionals


Ashley Elmore

Coach Buggs shows Noah Boyer and Deaundre Wilson a new wrestling move that they plan to use in the sectional tournament.

Decatur’s wrestling team was cut two years ago from the sports team roster. Ever since it’s been back it has definitely made a name for itself.

The team won the regional tournament on Saturday Jan. 30th at Westminster high school, and are on their way to sectionals in Calhoun Georgia, just a step away from the state tournament at the Gwinnett Center Arena.

The team has worked hard over the past week to get ready for their sectional tournament.

This tournament determines which top eight wrestlers from each weight class, will be competing at the state Tournament.

Head coach Robert Buggs, who was an All-American athlete in wrestling and academics, has been coaching wrestling for over 40 years, he has created a  strong bond with his team. He believes they are ready for the intensity the tournaments will bring.

“I’ve been keeping them in shape with aerobics, conditioning, ab work; basically, everything that will help them deliver,” Buggs said.

Buggs feels wrestling is a very strategic sport and it requires the team to be disciplined in order to win each match.

“It’s all up to the wrestlers when it comes down to it because you could have all of the moves and techniques down, but when the match comes around you could have a bad day and get psyched out,” Buggs said.

Because of this, coach Buggs makes sure they go all out in practice so they can be ready to apply that in tournaments.

Senior Noah Boyer started wrestling his junior year in high school and has been attached to the sport ever since.

“After coming up a match short last year for qualifying for state, I couldn’t help but notice the raw talent in my teammates and me,” Boyer said. “I knew we had the potential to make history for Decatur’s wrestling team, so I had to continue.”

Boyer felt confident in making it to sectionals and knew he had the prowess to come out with a win.

The only obstacle he faces now is wondering if he can measure up to his full potential when competing for a spot in the state tournament.

“I’m just hoping I don’t choke under pressure and  I can deliver my skills to the best of my abilities,” Boyer said.

Boyer hopes to continue his wrestling career in college and receive an athletic scholarship, so this tournament is very important to him.

“I would love to wrestle in college in order to continue my craft and learn new things, along with allowing me to pay for my education,” Boyer said.

If Boyer qualifies to be in the State tournament he will be exposed to many college scouts that he will use to his advantage. 

Buggs is excited about the tournament and feels the team has a strong chance of accomplishing their goal and winning State.

“I know we are ready for the challenges to come, this is what we’ve been training all year for and we are more than ready to finish the year victorious.” Buggs Said.

Alan Fergurson trying to escape from getting pinned by Noah Boyer.
Ashley Elmore
Alan Fergurson trying to escape from getting pinned by Noah Boyer.