First home meet is last home meet


Swim coach Tania Kane gathers the team during warmups at the Agnes Scott College pool.

Emilia Fuentes

The Swimdawgs had their first home meet at the Agnes Scott pool on Wednesday, Jan. the 13th. This is also their last home meet of the season.

The team’s triumph can be to attributed to an early morning schedule which has allowed the swimmers to  practice regularly.

As this was their only home meet, the event was important for the parents and team alike. The reason, says junior Ethan Munnerlyn, is that the team is able to show off their skills.

“Home meets are really important because it shows the Decatur parents what they send their children to at five in the morning almost every day of week,” Munnerlyn said. “It’s great to show people what we can do instead of hearing about it on the announcements.”

Junior Lorin Dent is very passionate about swim and plans to swim for as long as he can.

“I want to represent Decatur and do well for the team and for the school,” Dent said. “I definitely want to keep swimming for my whole life to stay in shape, but I’m not planning on swimming in college.”

While the team is impressive with team members making state cut offs, the team is welcome to swimmers of all skill levels.

Senior Dejah Thomas joined the swim team as a junior, and although she admits she isn’t the best, the team always has her back.

“They took me in even though I’m not the best swimmer,” Thomas said. “They always try to help me and love me, even when I drown.”

Like other sports teams, the Swimdawgs are a tight group of supportive and caring people.

“The Decatur team is a team of team spirit and we always cheer each other on,” Dent said. “The Decatur team just means a lot to me.”


Photo by Ella Burge