“The Recovery Season”


Last year the Decatur girls varsity basketball team had a successful season by making it all the way to the final four in the state play-off games.

Unfortunately, Decatur lost starters Jayla Morrow, Kayla Thomas and Jahmee Reeves, due to graduation and transfers. Taylor Jones is also out for the beginning of the season due to a knee injury from summer training.

“I tore my ACL on June 11th from a scrimmage I played in with the Decatur team. After the injury I wasn’t able to walk, jump or cut. But now I’m able to do everything but cut thanks to physical therapy,” Jones said.

Decatur team getting pumped up for the next play with a stern “Together on three,” Coleman said.

Jones has had a hard time coping with the severity of her injury and not being able to play until January. “I’ve had a lot of dark nights of crying and everything because I love the sport so much and it has kept me emotionally stable. So not having that stress reliever has definitely been difficult,” Jones said.

Jones believes the team can go further than they did last year into the state play-offs. They need to work as a team and continue to grow their confidence to last longer in the games.

“We’ve been struggling with getting our confidence up and filling all of the spots that needed to be filled since we lost a lot of our starting players from last year, but we’re slowly starting to improve,” Jones said.

Assistant coach Allison Paul found having a large amount of freshman on a varsity team was ultimately beneficial for the team.

“Due to the positivity and willingness to learn and working hard to get better and work better as a team,” Paul said.

Paul feels as though the team leadership roles are taking a while to sink in. The veterans’ unfamiliarity with leading the team and motivating others has made this a slow transition for the team’s leadership necessity.

“It’s a process, unless you’re a natural born leader, it’s a process to be able to be put into a leadership position if you’ve never really done that before in your life. And be responsible to uplift others and to be a role model for the other players, so that’s a lot to deal with,” Paul says

Paul has positive feelings about the future for the Decatur team, she believes with the new additions and practice drills they will be state material in no time.

“We are on the right track, and you can see we are gradually getting better in every game we play,” Paul said.

“And with our intense practices full of conditioning and extensive running, they’ll definitely be whipped into shape and be able to go further than we did last year,” Paul said.