Confidence is key

Confidence is key

Emilia Fuentes

“We all want state rings. We all want to be on the top and win state,” senior Ashley Elmore said.

Decatur girls varsity volleyball team made the semi-finals in the State Playoffs this year. In their final four game, the team played Westminster, and although they lost, the team had an optimistic season.

Yvett Battles, coach, said that the team is “very confident.”

“Each and every one of them is growing into their confidence. They are growing into their roles and putting everything else aside for the team,” Battles said.

The team has been dedicated to winning since the beginning of the season.

“At the beginning of the season we, as a team, decided that we wanted to go to state, and we wanted to win state,” Elmore said. “It was our drive to win every game and to get better every game that got us this far.”

The first round of states was nerve racking for the team because they didn’t know what to expect from themselves or from the other team.

“Once they got going, and once we got the first round of playoffs under our belt, then it was like ‘oh wait we can do this,’” Battles said.

Elmore was nervous before the first state game, but after a few minutes of game time she said “It was time to play.”

Over the season the team has developed their confidence and their role on the team.

“I’ve always been confident in the girls, but it takes them to be confident in themselves as well,” Battles said. “Each one of them are growing into their roles, realizing what they need to do for the team, putting everything else aside and playing for the team. That’s what it takes.”