Freshmen players adjust to new coaching staff


JV Players celebrate recent victories

This year new freshmen from the middle school share their experiences on having a new coach this football season.

Freshmen Dennis Bell started on Varsity this year. He says that playing with a new coach is a fun experience and he gets to show his full potential on this team. Since Coach Jackson took over coaching, Decatur Bulldogs have improved their record from last season’s.

Some senior players have said that even the freshmen this year have put a lot of work in this summer for football camp.

 “I’ve seen a lot of people come to camp just to stay on the team but some of these freshmen have really shown the effort” , Senior Nick Bentley said.

 Freshmen Grant Walker, another Varsity player, says that he feels good to be on a team where there are no stars, just a team.

Even though some freshmen play for JV only , they also feel that the coaching staff is great and they will advance to the next level next school year as a JV or Varsity member.