Boosters supporting everyone


Almost 500 human participants and 100 four-legged runners earned a completion t-shirt at Running with the Dogs.

The Decatur Boosters pay for almost half of the swim team’s expenses each year according to Coach Olivia Roller. Not only do they support the swim team, they also support the wrestling, golf, volleyball and all other sports teams at Decatur.

“Without them we wouldn’t have been able to afford all our equipment and uniforms,” wrestling coach David Custer said.

In the 2011- 2012 school year, the DBB raised over $180,000 according to Terry Conway, booster club president.

“The Boosters are amazing. They work really hard for every team,” Roller said.

The most effective way of earning money for all the athletic teams is fundraising. Each year the booster club organizes multiple events such as Running with the Dogs, Rising Star Benefit and Spirit Fest.

The boosters love getting ideas from the community because they know that’s what people will be most interested in.

“We always welcome any new ideas that are brought to the DBB Board (Decatur Bulldog Boosters),” Conway said.

Each sport automatically is given funds by the booster club at the beginning of their season, but teams are always able to request grants for additional needs during their season.

“DBB mini grants are made by the DBB to fund activities and purchases that will enhance the student-athlete experience,” Conway said.

The DBB is always looking back on years to ensure there is enough money to support all the teams for the school year.

“The budget is reviewed at the beginning of each school year and updated based on last year’s expenses and revenues,” Conway said.

This much fundraising takes dedicated volunteers, and the booster club is always in search of more help.

“There are currently 17 DBB board members who commit a lot of time and effort to the Booster Club. We can always use more people to participate on the DBB Board and/or to volunteer time on Booster Club activities. With more people volunteering and helping out, we can achieve even more,” Conway said.