Should college athletes be paid?


No (Sam Levy)
Student-athletes. Has a familiar ring to it, doesn’t it? There is a reason that the word “student” comes before “athlete”. As an attendant of a university, academics should come before recreational activities. According to, one out of every 100 collegiate athletes moves on to the professional level. Athletes should not be paid to participate, as it would make college athletics the sole purpose for an individual to attend a university. Academics should be prioritized, as it acts as the road for success for most of these athletes.

No (Wilson Witherspoon)
Big schools with big money are already taking over college athletics. The NCAA is the home of the Cinderella story, and, by giving rich schools the opportunity to bribe student-athletes away from smaller schools, the number of competitive college programs will drop rapidly. With only a handful of strong programs, there will be no competition. No Cinderellas. And certainly no more excitement in the entertaining breed of sports in America.