Never underestimate a JV Captain

It is nearing the end of the Spring sports season. This is the most important time of the season, because Decatur faces its toughest challengers and some teams have chances to move on past the actual schedule. The JV boys soccer team’s season came to an end and some people paid little to no attention to the hard work the JV teams put in. To some students and fans the job of a JV captain may not seem that big of a deal, but it takes a lot to lead a team to do their best.

The JV boys soccer team is led by captains Sulaymane Sy and Sean Conway. These two put in a lot of work to keep the JV team up and running. When they win they celebrate, but keep the team focused on the upcoming games. When they lose the captains push the team to keep their heads up and work on what they may have done wrong and get ready for the next scheduled game. They even plan scrimmage games on the weekends at Ebster Field.

The JV team had a lot of cancelled practices this year due to poor weather and the Varsity practices, so they must work extra hard each time they train. Some may think they have less on their shoulders and less to worry about than the Varsity soccer team, but Sulaymane and Sean could play at the varsity level and know what to expect so they keep the JV team working just as hard as the next level. In other words they are ahead of the game.