Laxdawgs sport new helmets to lower head injuries

Concussions remain a serious concern in the world of sports, with star players like Sydney Crosby, Kyle Irving and DeSean Jackson riding the sideline because of a concussion. Crosby’s concussion, which he sustained last season, is still keeping him off the ice.

Head injuries are now in the focus of sports medicine. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly two million student athletes suffer some form of brain injury. The Decatur Lacrosse team is trying to combat the increase in head injuries among student athletes.

Before the season started, the team issued Cascade’s Pro-7 helmet. The new helmet should help prevent concussions. According to coach Wesley Hatfield, the helmet overall is better to prevent concussions, from the science behind the padding in the helmet to the actual design of the helmet.

Even with better equipment, concussions can still occur. According to the CDC a concussion occurs when the brain impacts the inside of the skull. A hard helmet will stop the skull itself from fracturing, but the brain can still bounce around inside the players head.

The lacrosse teams’ new helmets should help reduce head injuries. With the new equipment, the Laxdawgs will hopefully stay healthier for longer, which could mean a longer season.

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