New JV coach hopes to lead girls to victory


Collins prepares the girls for the first game of the season against Grady.

During practice the JV soccer girls scramble to stay where ever the sun hits to keep warm, but new coach Kurt Collins gives one advice “stay on your toes ladies”.

For JV girls a new season begins with a new coach. Collins replaces old coach Beau Domiguez but has the same intentions- to win as many games as possible. “I don’t want to say undefeated, but I expect to win. I would be surprised if we don’t win 10 out of the 14 [games]”, he said.

Last year, Collins was approached by varsity soccer coach Stephen Gathany. “We talked about it and when Mr.Dominguez decided to take a year off he asked me and I jumped at the opportunity,” Collins said.

Now Collins coaches a team of 17 girls, which is different then his previous coaching experience with an all guys team.

“I find girls to be much more supportive of each other they don’t have the egos that guys have and they are better listeners,” Collins said.

Though Collins is new to coaching high school girls, he isnt new to the game. “I played [during] high school, I played at college, but I quit because I was a walk on so I knew I wasn’t going to play much. [I] kind of regret it, but not too much,” Collins said.

With his knowledge of the game and his ability to coach a team, he isn’t only a respectable coach among the girls, but also a friend.  “He’s better friends with the players and seems like he knows and heeds to opinions,” captain Natalie Lefton said. “He’s also more realistic, and expects more commitment and effort from the players.”

Those expectations have payed off. The JV girls won their first game and though its just the beginning of the season, Collins looks into the future in hopes of returning next year. “I love working under Gathany he is a tremendous head coach and if it works out great, I would love to comeback next year,” Collins said.