Song of the Week: Rainbow

Song of the Week: Rainbow

Kacy Musgraves recently released her fourth studio album, “Golden Hour”. This album takes listeners on a ride as she shares her experience through her past struggles. 

One very motivational song on “Golden Hour” is “Rainbow,” which is more of an uplifting speech than it is a song. 

Musgraves is one of Hollywood’s many talented musicians, however, it took her many years to reach all of her goals. She started singing in her regional opry circuit with a country band when she was only eight-years old. Since she started performing this early, she got used to playing in front of crowds and working with other musicians fast. These experiences have shaped Musgrave’s in the artist she is now.

Usually Kacy Musgraves is very particular on perfecting each recording, however, she takes a more sensitive approach for this song by recording it in only a few takes. In addition, this song was originally written as motivational note to herself and many others like the LGTBQ community, but eventually became one of her biggest hits. 

Lyrics like “Cause the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blown”, or “There’s always been a rainbow hangin’ over your head,” are very down to earth and compassionate lyrics. There was a point in Kacy’s life where she felt very down about herself and it was hard for her to find motivation to get past that.

These lyrics “When it rains, it pours but you didn’t even notice, it ain’t rainin’ anymore”, are similar to her lyrics from her earlier album “Happy & Sad”, “I don’t mind at all, no, I’m used to fallin”, I’m comfortable when the sky is gray, but when everything is perfect, I start hidin’.

‘Cause I know that rain is comin’ my way, my way.” The lyrics in both songs show that Kacy Musgraves was struggling to adjust to new life changes. This helps provide the message that if people are going through hard times in life, good things will come soon.

Kacy’s music provides hope and confidence to many people. For those interested in her music, “Rainbow” is a great place to start.