Song of the Week: Chanel


Frank Ocean is a popular singer and rapper from Louisiana. Ever since his debut album “Channel Orange” in 2012, he has been known for his unique lyrics, beats, and music style.

In Oceans 2017 single “Chanel” the combination of piano, bass, and drums in the opening creates a beautiful and calming track when layered with Oceans vocals and melodies he creates a feeling of freedom.

In the first line of “Chanel” Ocean sings “My guy pretty like a girl / And he got fight stories to tell” many listeners and other artists in the hip hop community were shocked at the references Ocean was making to a relationship with a man. Currently, in the hip hop community there is a stigma around homosexuality as most artists identify as straight, meaning it is rare to come across an LGBTQ rapper.

Ocean has a very unconventional and unique musical style. Due to his unique and individual sound, you will not find any other artist doing what he is, and “Chanel” is no exception. The chorus of “Chanel” is a crucial aspect to understanding Ocean and the song, when he sings “I see both sides like Chanel / See on both sides like Chanel” he is revealing to listeners that he is bisexual, by saying he “sees both sides” referencing his attraction to both men and women. 

In one line of “Chanel” Ocean raps, “How you looking up to me and talking down?” in this line he is demonstrating that many admire his success, however, the public and members of the hip hop community often talk down on him because of his sexual identity. 

“Chanel” is a very important and relevant song to Ocean and the hip hop community. Ocean and Chanel” helped to break the barrier between the LQBTQ community and the rap and hip hop community. Many were surprised about Oceans bravery in the face of adversity, but Ocean was never one to shy away from being himself.