Song of the Week: Year 3000


During the chorus of “Cake by the Ocean”, the crowd was showered with confetti and inflatable dancers shot up from the stage. Photo by Max Tyler.

“Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers is an early 00’s classic. The song is about the traveling a thousand years into the future, and experiencing the wonders of the year 3000. This song is more relevant than ever in the wake of the Jonas Brothers’ concert  and the Happiness Begins album release. The bridge of the song contains the lyrics “everybody bought our seventh album.” This has indeed come true now, as the Jonas Brothers have released more than seven albums at this point in their career. It is fitting that the song of the week would match the time travel-like nostalgia of the concert itself. “Year 3000” was a shining moment in an already fantastic show. It was fitting that the Jonas Brothers would bring the house down with it. 

The Jonas Brothers had State Farm Arena shaking Monday night. Atlanta was the fourth stop on the Happiness Begins tour, their first tour since 2013, the year the infamously split.

The crowd began buzzing as soon as the opening act, Jordan McGraw, left the stage. The buzz turned to screeching madness as the boys emerged from a cloud of fog. 

The eccentric apparel of the trio only added to the already unhinged crowd. Joe, Kevin, and Nick Jonas dressed in bright pink, purple, and green suits respectively.  The tone was set with their dramatic entrance down off a foggy platform descending from the arena rafters. 

Flames and fireworks shot up from the stage at various moments throughout the show above inflatable air dancers and confetti.

The sellout crowd screamed their hearts out to the classic hits “Lovebug”, “Year 3000”, and “When You Look Me in the Eyes”, as well as songs from their newest album, Happiness Begins. A few minutes after the Jonas Brothers left the stage after the set, they were launched back up for the encore right as the hard-hitting first verse of “Burnin’ Up” echoed through the arena. The encore was the highlight of the show because it had the best effects and the adrenaline was at a climax. The second encore song was the number 1 single, “Sucker.” The mixture of nostalgia with modern hits was a perfect blend of old classics and new favorites. 

Overall, I thought the entertainment and performance quality was worth the near decade long wait for any Jonas Brothers fan. The Brothers kept the crowd on their toes and out of their seat the entire time. I highly recommend that anyone who loves great music and a brilliant performance comes to see the Jonas Brothers. After the final song, the trio hinted that more songs were in the works, saying, “this is just the beginning.”

The Jonas Brothers will be back in Atlanta on Nov. 19 for a show at Infinite Energy Center.