Song of the Week: Stop! In the Name of Love

Check out this week’s timeless tune!


In Feb. of 1965, The Supremes released their sixth album, “More Hits by The Supremes.” On the album was a two minute and fifty-two-second song by the title of “Stop! In the Name of Love.” This song would go on to make the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart among others. The group gained much recognition for the song, receiving a Grammy award for Best Contemporary Rock and Roll Group Vocal Performance. The song was also inducted to the Grammy: Hall of Fame.

Lead singer, Diana Ross’ soprano range is showcased heavily in the song. Her effortless power carries the catchy tune into the hearts of listeners to this day. The trio had their dynamics down to a science with back up vocals performed by Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard supporting and accenting Ross’ solo.

The vocals weren’t the only thing to make the song a hit, but also the writing and lyrics. Motown recording label’s writing team, Holland-Dozier-Holland, composed and worded the song for the girl group and used an empowering message coupled with a memorable melody to get listeners singing along. With lyrics like, “I’ve tried so hard, hard to be patient, hoping you’d stop this infatuation, but each time you are together, I’m so afraid I’ll be losing you forever,” the song is relatable and resonates with anyone who has had relationship troubles regarding envy or distrust.

Between the group dynamics, powerful solo, catchy tune and relatable lyrics the timeless hit will remain just that for years to come.