Song of the Week: Drown

On “Drown,” two of the biggest voices of the bedroom pop sub genre unite to form one chill, otherworldly song.

Cuco and Clairo became internet sensations after their hits, “Lo Que Siento” and “Pretty Girl” respectively, went viral. Both are known for making music in their bedroom laced with chill beats. Together, their styles interweave to form “Drown.”

The track begins with Cuco expressing his frustration with his unresponsive lover. His emotional cries contrast with Clairo’s mellow voice that follows. Despite being a pop song, the repetition of music doesn’t get boring due to the vast difference in the two artists’ voices. The way the two opposite voices mesh together perfectly truly makes the song.

Cuco’s signature use of Spanglish found in his songs shows up in his verse on “Drown”. His ease in switching from one language to another while staying on the beat breaks up the repetition of the song.

Through the bridge, the song holds true to its name by immersing the listener in beats that mimic the feeling of being in a whirlpool. I may listen to “Drown” while chilling in my room, but the music transports me to another world. With lyrics like, “Free me from my thoughts, I think I’ve fallen off” and “Dreaming of a world where I would wanna stay,” I truly feel like I’m drowning in Cuco and Clairo’s emotions.

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